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Testimonials from Online Traffic School Success Graduates

Testimonials from Online Traffic School Success Graduates
Here's what some of our customers have to say about our online traffic school

"When I got a ticket for speeding, I thought 'When am I going to find the time to go to traffic school?' Thank goodness for Traffic School Success. With their online traffic course, I was done in a matter of a couple of hours, and I didn't even have to leave my house!"
Sanford, Florida

"Traffic School Success helped me keep points off my license. The last thing I need is higher insurance premiums!"
Miami, Florida

"Hey, it's not so bad getting old! When I turned 55, I took the Traffic School Success online Mature Driver Program and was able to get a discount on my car insurance."
- Anna
Homestead, Florida

"I'm a single mom who works two jobs. I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to attend a traffic school class. I'm so glad someone told me about Traffic School Success so I could take the class online."
Jacksonville, Florida

"I took the entire 4-hour First Time Driver class in my pajamas! Why can't they figure out how to put my high school courses online?"
Tallahassee, Florida

"I was embarrassed when the judge said I needed to take a Driver Improvement class. I didn't want my wife, my kids or even my boss to know I had to spend 8 hours in traffic school. The online traffic school program by Traffic School Success was ideal for me."
Islamorada, Florida

"I just turned 55. I was hesitant to take the Mature Driver class even though I would have liked the discount on my car insurance. The problem is I haven't sat in a classroom in over 35 years. I was afraid I might fail the class. When a friend told me about the Florida Traffic School Success online program, I didn't know if I could do it. I'm really just a beginner on the computer. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was easy to complete the course material and pass the final exam. It actually was fun. I might look into other e-learning courses now!"
Fort Myers, Florida

"I work long days. The idea of going to a driver's ed class after a long day at work was something I was dreading even more than paying the ticket I got. Fortunately, with Traffic School Success I was able to complete the course online. In fact, I did the whole thing during my lunch hours in just a couple days."
Orlando, Florida

"Traffic School Success let me complete the driver's ed training on my own terms. That's what I like. Why can't everything be this easy!"
Key West, Florida

"I hope I never get another ticket. But if I do, you won't see me in traffic school. The Traffic School Success online course was a breeze."
Hialeah, Florida

"My English is not very good. I was so happy to find out I wouldn't have to go to an English-speaking traffic school. The online Traffic School Success program in Spanish made it easy to complete the court's requirements."
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"When I priced traffic schools, much to my surprise it was actually cheaper to take the traffic school courses online. That certainly made the decision a no-brainer."
St. Augustine, Florida

"I passed the Traffic School Success final exam on my first attempt. If only my college courses were all this easy!"
Clearwater, Florida

"I had a little bit of difficulty getting started with the Traffic School Success program because I'm new to the Internet. I called their number and the representative who answered was very helpful and patient. She walked me through each of the steps which made it easy to complete the course. I would highly recommend Traffic School Success to anyone who needs to take a driver's education class."
Winter Garden, Florida

Ready to get started? Choose the class that's right for you. Our Internet driving courses include: Florida 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement online traffic course, Florida Mature Driver Program, Florida 8-Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement , Florida Online ADI / Judge Ordered Class, Georgia 30 Hour Driver Education Course and Florida First Time Driver Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness (DATA) internet driving course.

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Complete all quizzes and pass the final exam.

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Present Certificate to your County Clerk of Court.